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3 Common Causes of Water Damage

water damage

Water damage is the last thing that you probably want to deal when it comes to your property. It can cause significant and costly damage as well as being a stressful ordeal. Water damage may not be an event that you can escape, because it is quite a typical problem for many homeowners. Early detection and response can help to minimize the impact that water damage can have on your home and your finances. Three of the main causes of water damage include storms, roof leaks, and broken pipes.


The weather isn’t something that you can control, and when a storm is in the forecast, you can do your best to prepare for it, but could still end up being affected by its wrath. Whether it’s a winter storm, thunderstorm, or hurricane, either can produce flood waters that can do immense damage to your home. Water damage from storms can cause a number of issues including, the disintegration of drywall, swelling, warping, and splitting of wood that forms the structure of your house, damage to electrical components and the growth of mold and mildew.

Roof Leaks

Even a small leak in your roof, resulting from improper roof installation, storm damage, or inadequate maintenance can cause water damage. Broken shingles can cause water marks on the ceiling or wall and lead to structural deterioration of your home. For instance, a leaky roof can cause water to drip onto the attic floor, or make its way along the framing, where over time, the wood rots from water saturation and loses its strength and affects the foundation of your house.

Broken Pipe

Whether it’s a burst water main, old pipe, or frozen pipe that are the culprits, a broken pipe can do serious water damage. An unexpected pipe burst, for example, can happen during the winter time when water freezes and expands within the pipe. Subsequently, water will escape from the pipe, move fast, flood indoors and do considerable damage in a short period of time. From damaging your furniture to appliances, care should be taken to prevent a broken pipe.

Who to Contact for Water Damage Cleanup?

Water damage can have a devastating and costly impact. A storm, broken pipe, and leaky roofs are three of the most common causes of water damage. These can cause structural damage to your home and even the destruction of your valuables. You should take precautions to protect your home against water damage, which can begin with, you checking on the conditions of pipes throughout your home, or inspecting your roof for missing or broken shingles.

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