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5 Ways To Improve Your Spring Cleaning

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Spring cleaning is a great tradition that allows homeowners, apartment renters, and even office managers an opportunity to reorganize their space. With more and more studies showing that uncluttered, clean areas promote better physical and mental health, there could not be better reasons to clean this spring. But when it comes to spring cleaning many areas go missed. That is why we have written a helpful guide to help you maximize your spring cleaning this year and get the most out of the benefits.

1. Create A Spring Cleaning Plan & Stick To It

Before you even start cleaning, create a plan. Take inventory of your space, and create an itemized list of what you want to get done this spring. Is this the year you deep clean your carpets? Should you replace your vacuum? When was the last time you cleaned behind the refrigerator? Having a plan keeps you from feeling overwhelmed or getting distracted. You might need to make a run to the store to pick up supplies, and it is better to know that before you start cleaning so you don’t lose momentum. Cleaning a home can be a very taxing endeavor, so having a plan is the best way to avoid not giving up before you are done.

2. Organize the Clutter Before You Break Out Cleaning Products

It is very challenging to clean around clutter. And if you don’t take the time to organize your home, then you will lose out on the benefits from spring cleaning. Spring cleaning is not just about sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming. Take the time to go through your belongings and throw out or store what doesn’t need to be cluttering your bedroom.

3. Clean Your Space From Top to Bottom

One helpful tip for cleaning is to check your ceiling fans and tops of counters. Always dust from the top of your room down to avoid needing to clean an area twice. When you are ready to start cleaning the dust and dirt out of your home start by grabbing a step ladder. For carpeted rooms and upholstered furniture, put down plastic on the carpet to collect the dust. Give time for the dust in the air to settle before removing the plastic.

4. Use Non-Hazardous Cleaning Products

Many homeowners make the mistake of using industrial-grade commercial cleaners. Many commercial cleaning companies provide professional level cleaning with non-hazardous eco-friendly cleaning products. Hazardous cleaning materials can cause a flare up for allergies and asthma and should really only be used to for larger problems like cleaning up mold.

5. Consider Hiring Professional Cleaning Companies

For many homeowners, there just is not enough time to get the deep cleaning they want for their home. Hiring professional cleaners for a single cleaning is a great way to have your home cleaned effectively without needing to take large chunks of time out of your schedule to do it yourself. Professional cleaning companies also have machines that get deeper cleans than a regular vacuum. Using a cleaning company is a great way to get the most out of spring cleaning this year.

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