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6 Interior Painting Tips For Homeowners

Paint brushes & a paint roller set up before an interior paint job

Painting your walls is a great renovation project. Paint is very affordable and interior painting can be a fun project. Whether you just need a change or you want to touch up your walls that have become faded or scuffed, painting can make your home feel fresh and new. If you are new to painting, here are a few tips on how to paint effectively.

1. Don’t Let Your Paint Dry Out

Paint buckets come sealed with an airtight lid. As soon as you open the lid the paint will begin to react with the air. Whenever you are not using the paint, make sure to cover the bucket with a tight layer of plastic wrap to keep air out. Wasting half a can of paint because it dried out overnight is a waste of money.

2. Mix Buckets of Paint In A Larger Bucket

If you are going to use multiple buckets for your paint job, it helps to mix all of the paint in a larger 5-gallon bucket to keep a consistent color. Paint can vary in color from bucket to bucket, so even if you buy multiple cans of the same color the only way to ensure a uniform color is to mix them together.

3. Dust Your Home Before You Paint

For the best results when painting your walls or ceilings, make sure that dust and moisture are removed from the surfaces. Lightly dusting the area and clearing any cobwebs will make painting easier. In order for paint to stick to the wall, the wall needs to be dry and clear of debris.

4. Microwave Painter’s Tape

If you are using an older roll of painter’s tape that keeps tearing and is hard to pull off, stick it in the microwave for a few seconds (10-15 will be fine). Warming the tape roll can help loosen it.

5. Cut Painter’s Tape After The Paint Dries

Don’t just rip off the painter’s tape you used as a border between your walls and floors. Paint can bond with the edges of the tape and ripping the tape can ruin your paint job. Instead, use a sharp knife or box cutter to break the bond between the paint and the tape before removing the tape.

6. Hire Interior Painters

Painting your walls and ceilings can be time-consuming and a lot can go wrong. Professional painters can provide a consistent paint color and consistency while also protecting your trim, furniture, and floors from paint spills. It is much more convenient to hire professionals than to do it yourself.

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