Whether you live in an apartment in Boston or a house in Lexington, the ECS Carpet Cleaning team can help you keep your home clean. We have been working out of Woburn and Arlington for years providing the best in carpet cleaning and other cleaning services. Most importantly, we believe in offering competitive rates for quality services, that way you and your family get the most for your money.

Arlington & Woburn Carpet Cleaners

Our offices are based out of both Arlington and Woburn but we are constantly on the move to provide homeowners across Massachusetts with the best residential carpet cleaning services in the area. Prolonged exposure to dust dirt and debris can not only make your carpets look dirty, but it can actually destroy your carpet. Moreover, it can release allergens into the air and lower the air quality of your home. This is especially problematic in winter months when there is less fresh air entering the home. Regular vacuuming will not be enough to remove dirt and debris. That is why you need to hire professional carpet cleaners to handle your cleanings. The ECS Carpet Cleaning team will ensure that your carpets are deep cleaned. Not only that, but we can also use our steam cleaning technology to remove stains and odors from your furniture. Our furniture cleaning service is perfect for families that have pets or young children.

Water Damage Repair And Mold Cleaning in Woburn & Arlington MA

ECS Carpet Cleaners do more than just clean carpets and furniture. Our team can handle light indoor carpentry, paint jobs, and help your family make emergency repairs after a storm. Massachusetts is known for having some extreme weather, (especially if you live near the coast). Whether it is a rainstorm in August or melting snow in April, it is important to protect your basement and home from leaking and flooding. The team at ECS carpet cleaners works with families in the area to clean up excess water and repair damages. Our team can help find areas where water is coming in and repair them as well as drain puddles in your home. We also can help cleanup mold that forms in your basement due to wet conditions.

Setup a Carpet & Furniture Cleaning with ECS Carpet Cleaners

Need a regular cleaning? Need a one-time cleaning? Whatever you need, we will be happy to help. Use our online contact form to set up an appointment with our team or give us a call at 781-643-6140.