Apartment Turnover Services in Greater Boston

Our team works with apartment buildings and tenants in the Boston area to provide a variety of valuable services. This includes steam cleaning carpets, cleaning furniture, water damage cleanup, light carpentry, interior painting, and more. 

So whether you are a property manager that needs to get an apartment ready for a walkthrough or you are a tenant that wants to make sure your apartment is ready to be handed over to the next tenant, we can help with our variety of cleaning services.

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Apartment Unit-Turnover Cleaning Services in Boston

The ECS Carpet Cleaning team partners with local apartment buildings and condominiums to help property managers maintain their properties. We provide full unit turnover cleaning services to effectively prepare your units for their next tenants. This includes a variety of individual services that can be used as necessary to help prepare the space for upcoming tours. Not every tenant leaves their apartment in the same condition it was when they moved in. Unfortunately for property managers, this can make a unit untourable until issues are addressed. You do not want prospective tenants to see chipped paint, messes in the kitchen, or damage to any of the walls or flooring. Our team will make sure that the unit is as good as new by tailoring our services to exactly what your unit needs. Our team works efficiently so you will be able to tour as soon as possible.

Apartment Building Unit Repairs in Boston

In cases where water damage or other damage affects sections of your unit’s walls or floors, we can help. As part of our water damage cleanup service, our team often works to remove and replace sections of walls and floor trimming. From helping straighten cabinets and doors to fixing holes in the wall or lightly damaged flooring, if your previous tenant has left any lasting damage to their unit we can help make simple repairs.

Apartment Painting Service in Boston


Unfortunately, many tenants cause damage to paint when they decorate their apartment. From uneven fading caused by decorations blocking sunlight to damage from screws or adhesive strips, it isn’t rare that a fresh coat of paint is needed. Our team can efficiently and effectively repaint rooms in your units so you are ready to invite new tenants. As carpet cleaners, we know how to paint effectively without damaging the floors or carpets.

Bathroom & Kitchen Cleaning

cleaning a stovetop

Kitchens and bathrooms can often bear the brunt of damage and stains left behind by previous tenants. Our team of cleaners can help remove unsightly grease stains from stovetops as well as clean refrigerators, ovens, and microwaves. Additionally, we can help clean your bathroom sinks, showers, and toliets to ensure that everything is sparkling and clean for when you ready to bring in new renters for their initial tour.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Boston

a carpet being steam cleaned

Even great tenants cause some carpet damage. Regular vacuuming is often not enough to remove set-in stains or to pull up dirt and debris that are packed deeply into the carpets. We highly recommend steam cleaning for any carpeted bedrooms or studio apartments. Not only will this make the carpet look lighter and remove unsightly stains, but it will also impact the smell and air quality of the unit.

Furniture Cleaning in Boston

upholstery cleaning

Many apartment buildings provide fully or semi-furnished units for new tenants. If any of your units have furniture or appliances that need to be cleaned before tenants come and tour we can help. We can lift stains out of upholstered furniture. If you have tenants that are excited about moving into a furnished unit, they will definitely inspect the furniture during their tour. We make sure furniture looks as good as new.

Mold Remediation For Apartments

mold cleaning

If there is mold build up around the bathroom, kitchen, or other areas of the apartment, you will want that cleaned promptly. The ECS Carpet Cleaning team can help with mold remediation to help remove grime and buildup around your unit. There is nothing quite as problematic as mold when showing off a unit to new renters. If you notice mold during a walkthrough of any of your units, give us a call.

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