As Boston and Worcester continue to grow, there is an expected increase in more condominium units in and around our city centers in Massachusetts. Whether you own your own condo or your own an entire building, keeping it clean is a top priority. For property managers, you want to make sure that your units’ furniture and carpets are clean. You also want to make sure that shared areas including lobbies, hallways, and staircases are clean. Your building’s reputation is greatly affected by its cleanliness. For tenants that either rent or own their unit, keeping your rugs and couches clean is something that makes your space better for hosting friends and family. The team at ECS Carpet Cleaners can help both property managers and tenants keep their buildings clean with our condo cleaning services.

Affordable Carpet Cleaning For Condos in Boston

Our namesake is in cleaning carpets. Whether our clients are looking for a routine cleaning for every few months and deep clean their carpets, or they need a one-time stain removal for their rug we have the tools and the experience to help. Our team uses steam technology to lift stains and debris out of your carpets, leaving your area looking and smelling fresher. Not only that, but a good carpet cleaning removes allergens and generates better air quality. We also provide the best in affordable furniture cleaning. The same technologies we use to remove stains from carpets we can use on upholstered furniture including sofas, chairs, couches, and more. So whether you need a one time cleaning for your specific unit before or after you throw a party, or you are a property manager that wants to set up regular cleanings in your building, you can call ECS Carpet Cleaners.

Mold & Water Damage Cleanup For Condos in Massachusetts

Aside from regular cleanings, the team at ECS Carpet Cleaning offers a few other cleaning services. One of these services is water damage clean up. Weather and pipe damage can cause flooding anywhere in a property. Our team will help remove the water, dry the area, and clean up the affected area. Similarly, we also help remove and remediate mold in condos. Mold can appear anywhere there is a suitable environment for it. That often means property managers find mold in bathrooms, kitchens, basements, and anywhere there has been a leak. Our team can handle mold and get your building back into good shape.

Setup A Condominium Cleaning with ECS Carpet Cleaners

Need your condo cleaned? Setup an appointment with ECS Carpet Cleaners. Our team would be happy to help you deal with any carpets, furniture, or water damage cleaning.