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Whether you have a specific stain or not, cleaning your carpet periodically is important in extending your carpet’s life. Not only does cleaning your carpet look good, having a clean carpet can increase air quality in your home. Regularly vacuuming your carpets is a good way to protect your carpet. However, it is recommended that your carpet is cleaned professionally periodically.

a carpet being steam cleaned

Carpets can be terribly damaged by the dust, dirt, and other debris that are tracked through the home. These small dirt particles create friction within your carpet whenever it is stepped on. Friction causes carpet fibers to tear and repeated abrasion will cause your carpet to rip apart over time. Carpets also can trap allergens deep in their fibers as well as other air pollutants that can affect the air quality in your home. Although vacuuming is an effective way to remove problems at the surface of your carpets, to ensure that your carpet is properly cleaned you should have it professionally cleaned with proper equipment. A professional cleaning can completely change how your carpet looks, add years to its life and get rid of dirt and pollutants in your home.

Carpet Cleaning Process:

At ECS Carpet Cleaners we offer a variety of carpet cleaning services to provide you with the best possible results. In our quoted price we offer:

Pre-treatment helps remove tough set-in stains. All of the materials we use are designed to be biodegradable and to dry quickly so you don’t have to worry. 

Using specialized steam cleaning technology, we removed dirt and debris that is buried deep inside the fibers of your carpet. Not only will this make your carpet look great, it will also improve your home’s air quality.

For specific stains, we use hand spotting techniques to lift the stains out of your carpet or rug. 

Have pets? We can help with any smells coming from your carpets or rugs. 

Environmentally Green Carpet Cleaning

At ECS Carpet Cleaners we are green cleaners. We use only biodegradablenon-hazardous products, that dry quickly for excellent results. We are committed to using methods that get the job done effectively and efficiently so you can go back to enjoying your home. And because we only use safe products, pet owners and families with small children can rest assured knowing that there is no risk of poisoning due to harmful chemical solutions. When it comes to affordable and complete carpet cleaning solutions you should always call ECS Carpet Cleaners

Carpet Cleaning FAQ

How long you have to stay off your carpet after a professional cleaning is determined by what method of cleaning was used. Shampooing leaves your carpet wet much longer than steam cleaning. Regardless of the method you should try and avoid stepping on the carpet as much as possible for the first six hours after the cleaning. 

As the name suggests, steam cleaning uses hot water and steam at a high temperature and pressure to deep clean carpets. A pump and vacuum work together to dislodge dirt, oil, and stains from your carpet so that they can be removed. Carpet shampooing uses detergents and other soaps to clean a carpet. This will leave you carpet wet for a considerable amount of time. Steam cleaning is better for the environment and requires less drying time. However, shampooing can sometimes be a better solution for really challenging stains. 

On average it can take around half an hour per room to clean using the steam cleaning method. However, it can take longer depending on how much furniture needs to be moved, and if spot removal treatments are necessary. 

The length of a time a carpet will remain clean has to do with a few factors. Foot traffic is the biggest factor. A carpet in a hotel is going to get dirtier quicker than a carpet in a home. Additionally, how often you vacuum and whether or not you take other steps to avoid dirtying your carpets (i.e. removing shoes), will also effect how long your carpet stays clean. 

ECS Carpet Cleaners does more than just clean carpets. If you are looking to clean your home we can help with stain removal for furniture items around your house. Additionally we provide water damage cleanup and mold remediation services. 

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Whether you are looking to remove an unsightly stain, an unpleasant smell, want your home to be more hypoallergenic, or want to keep your carpets healthy for the long term, you should consider getting your carpets professionally cleaned. We offer convenient scheduling, prompt on-time arrival, and even same-day service when needed. Contact us today for a free estimation.