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July 27, 2018
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Clean Carpets Help to Avoid Allergies

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Avoid Allergies With a Clean Carpet

Many individuals love carpet flooring for the variety of benefits it provides such as its warmth, soft touch, and overall appearance. Although something that is less obvious is a carpet’s ability to trap allergens within the fibers of the flooring if it is not properly cleaned on a regular basis. Those who are not susceptible to allergies may not ever become aware of this naturally but those who have allergies can almost always tell the difference between a clean carpet and a carpet that has not been cleaned in a while.

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ECS carpet cleaning is proud to offer a variety of carpet cleaning services to prevent a variety of allergens that could be trapped indoors by a dirty carpet such as:


Cleaning a carpet is essential when it has been exposed to any sort of liquid. Fibers within the flooring will absurd whatever liquid is in contact with it which can lead to horrible smells or even mold. Ensuring that your carpet is clean and devoid of any liquids is essential when looking to stay clear of spores inside your household.


As one of the most common allergens, dust is also quite commonly found within household carpets. This proves to be especially true in households that do not clean their carpet as often as others with a cleanlier carpet. Dust trapped within a carpet is easily preventable and preventing it can lead to a massive improvement in the living environment.

Animal Dander:

Those living with pets know the struggle of living every day surrounded by animal fur. This struggle can become a suffering to those allergic to animal dander as it gets trapped within the carpet. Getting your carpet cleaned to remove any animal fur on a regular basis is a good habit to get into.


Although most people do not consider the fact that pollen could be trapped within their rug, this is often the case, especially if you are someone who prefers to keep the windows open when outdoor allergies are on the rise. Simply by blowing in with the breeze, allergens such as ragweed pollen can become trapped within a carpet and wreak havoc on those who suffer from seasonal allergies.

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With Fall right around the corner, ragweed pollen will be looking to sneak through your windows and into your carpet. Do away with allergens today by contacting ECS Carpet Cleaning for quick, reliable service!

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