One of the many Massachusetts towns that ECS Carpet Cleaners work in is Acton. Acton is a beautiful area just twenty miles north of Boston via route 2 that features a lot of recreational area for families. From bike paths to playgrounds, to conservation lands, there are many great areas around Acton to enjoy nature. With so many families that commute into the city, ECS Carpet Cleaners often work with Acton homeowners to keep furniture and carpets clean, as well as work on some interior remodeling projects.

ECS Carpet Cleaners Services in Acton, MA

ECS Carpet Cleaners is based out of both Arlington and Woburn. With Acton so close by, we often provide our cleaning and painting services to homeowners and small business owners in the Acton area.

Carpet Cleaning in Acton

Carpet cleaning is our namesake. We have been in the business of cleaning carpets for over 30 years now. With state of the art cleaning tools, we are able to remove stains and add years of life to your carpets. Whether you have small children or pets, or you just need to get rid of a stain, our team will use our steam-powered tools to remove deep set-in debris and make your carpet or rug as good as new.

Acton Furniture Cleaning

Just like cleaning carpets, we also clean upholstered furniture. Whether you have stains on your sofa or you need to clean up cushioned seats, the same tools we use for deep carpet cleaning can be used to remove stains from your couch. Our team of expert cleaners will leave your home looking and smelling much cleaner. If you plan to have guests over, or just want to enjoy a cleaner home, let us come by and help.

Interior Painting

ECS Carpet Cleaners does more than just clean homes. We also do light contractor work. One of our most requested jobs is to repaint rooms inside homes and small businesses. Because we make a living keeping things clean, we are very careful to protect your furniture and floors while we paint. Whether you are looking to touch-up a fading or chipping paint job or you want a brand new look for your dining room, we can help.

Contact ECS Carpet Cleaners

If you are looking for professional cleaning or painting services that are perfect for any homeowner or business owner; Contact a member of our team using our online form or emailing us at We look forward to hearing from you.