Since it was settled in 1635, Arlington has evolved from a small village town into what we know today as a largely settled area with over 45,000 residents. Most of these individuals commute six miles southeast to nearby city Boston. Arlington is comprised of a variety of parks as well as historical sites including Menotomy Rocks Park, Robbins Farm Park, Spy Pond Park, Robbins Library, and The Cyrus E. Dallin Art Museum, in addition to over 19,000 households and numerous office buildings. With this many building within the area, a mess is inevitably going to appear. But thanks to the experts at ECS Carpet Cleaners, there is no need to stress, as we are happy to offer those in Arlington area same-day cleanup services to satisfy all of their cleaning needs.

Arlington, MA Clean-Up Services:

Whether you’re looking to clean a condominium complex, commercial office building, or residential space, ECS Carpet Cleaners is committed to ensuring that residents of Arlington do not have to worry about such issues! We offer a variety of clean-up services to those in the Arlington area including the following:

We offer a variety of carpet cleaning solutions for families and business owners in the Arlington area. Our quoted prices cover hand-spotting, pretreatment, and deodorizing. Perfect for removing dirt, road salt, and pet stains from your carpets. We will make sure your office or homes carpets and rugs are looking and smelling clean.

Along with carpet cleaning, we offer upholstery cleaning for all your furniture in your home. Did your friend spill something on your couch during that last super bowl party? Did you try flipping the cushion only to find out that you already have flipped this one? At ECS we can remove unsightly stains from your chairs and couches and undo the day-to-day living damage.

Arlington is no stranger to flooding from summer storms and spring ice melt. If your basement has taken a beating, we can help clean up the damage to prevent dangerous mold growth and any more damage to your home’s structural integrity. After we remove the excess water and dry and sanitize the affected area we also provide light carpentry where needed to keep your home or other property secure.

If you have a mold problem, you should have it dealt with professionally to avoid any ill effects. ECS carpet cleaners provide mold remediation for both our residential and commercial clients throughout the Arlington area. Not all mold can be seen with the naked eye, and mold can also grow inside of your walls. We provide professional inspection and remediation of the mold in your property to keep your home clean and safe.

ECS Carpet Cleaners do more than just keep your carpet cleans. If the paint in your Arlington property could use a touch-up or you just aren’t thrilled with the paint job that came with your new home, we provide professional interior painting services. We offer free quotes and in some cases, we also offer same day service.

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