ECS Carpet Cleaners is always on the road traveling between Eastern Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire to provide quality cleaning services. Headquareted in both Arlington and Woburn Massachusetts, our team of cleaners works throughout the area to provide our services to homeowners, apartment building managers, and offices. If you need carpets and furniture cleaned in the Bedford, New Hampshire area we would be happy to give you a quote on any of our services.

Affordable Carpet Steam Cleaning in Bedford, NH:

As carpet cleaners, we want to make sure that our services are convenient, affordable, and meet/exceed our customers’ expectations. We are a local family-owned business and pride ourselves on customer service and fair prices. We provide stain removal services as well as steam cleaning for your building or home’s carpets and rugs. Steam cleaning technology can remove deeply set-in stains, dirt, and debris. Not only will it leave your carpet looking better, but it will also decrease the risk of your carpet getting torn up due to friction between fibers and debris. Additionally, regular steam-cleaning can improve air quality in a home or office and decrease the presence of allergens. If you are interested in our carpet cleaning services or would like a free quote for your building please use our online contact form.

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Furniture Cleaning in Bedford

The same great services we provide for your carpets, we also provide for your furniture. The flipping the couch cushion trick only works once. Instead of throwing out your furniture or trying in vain to remove deep set-in stains, we will remove them for you. Whether it’s by kids, pets, or just an unfortunate spill, you don’t have to live with stains on your couches and chairs. When your furniture gets stained, don’t hide it, call ECS Carpet Cleaners for a quote.

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Water Damage Cleaning Service in Bedford, NH

Water damage common no matter where you live in the northeast. From a burst pipe due to freezing water to flooding caused by storms, it doesn’t take long for water to pool up and destroy your property. The faster you can act, the more damage you can prevent. We provide air movers, light carpentry, and similar services to help reverse the effects of water damage in your building.

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Mold Clean-Up For Bedford, NH

Even without flooding, where there are water and warmth, there is often mold. Mold comes in hundreds of varieties and causes many different problems. Aside from being unsightly, mold is dangerous especially for people with compromised immune systems or with breathing difficulties. Removing mold can be a challenging process as well as an impossible one if you do not have the right equipment. We would be happy to discuss mold remediation services for your property.

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Interior Painting in Bedford NH

If your building needs a fresh coat of paint we would be happy to help. Whether you are a homeowner looking to spruce up a bedroom or living room, or you are an apartment facilities manager that needs an old unit touched up before it goes on the market, we can help. Simply contact us for a quote on interior painting.

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ECS Carpet Cleaners provides affordable cleaning services, to properties throughout Bedford, New Hampshire. For more information please contact us today either by filling out our contact form or by giving our offices a call.