From Belmont Hill to the Cushing Square, Belmont Massachusetts is home to many residents and families. Belmont, Massachusetts is home to many commuters who work in the Boston area. Belmont is only three miles from our main office in Arlington. We are constantly working with Belmont homeowners to keep their homes nice and clean.

Belmont Carpet, Furniture, & Cleaning Solutions:

ECS Carpet Cleaners has been working around the Arlington area for years. We offer a few residential services to our Belmont customers including the following:

Belmont Carpet Cleaning

Our namesake is in carpet cleaning. A clean carpet promotes healthy air quality and lasts longer. Dust, dirt, and debris that are packed deep into a carpet’s base cause fraying and damage over time. You cannot effectively clean your carpets with only a vacuum. Periodically having your carpets and rugs deep cleaned with steam technology is the best way to keep your carpet safe from damage. We also work with stain spotting and improving the general look of a home by making carpets look as good as new.

Interior Painting

Another one of our more popular services is interior painting. For some homeowners, they are looking to change a room with a new paint job or finally remove old wallpaper. Other homeowners are looking for a touch up to deal with fading or chipping paint. Whichever you are, the best way to get your home’s rooms painted is to hire the professionals. Our team will ensure that your floors, furniture, and carpets are kept safe from paint spills. We also can help match colors and apply new fresh coats of paint.

Furniture Cleaning in Belmont

ECS Carpet Cleaners also works with furniture. If you have couches, chairs, or other furniture that needs a routine cleaning, we can help. We remove stains and help keeps homes fresh by providing our professional cleaning service. Furniture should be taken care of as carefully as we take care of carpets and rugs.

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If you live in the Belmont area and either needs a one-time cleaning or a routine cleanup give us a call today. Our team would be happy to work with your home and make sure that your furniture and carpets are kept looking great.

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