Boston is home to over 600,000 citizens. From the North End to Southie and from Fenway Park to East Boston there are thousands of businesses, apartments, and public buildings. Boston’s filled with hard-working employees as well as thousands of college students pulling all-nighters for their degrees. With a large portion of the population working more than 40 hours a week, it isn’t easy to keep offices and homes clean. That is why ECS spends so much time cleaning carpets and furniture in the Boston area. With our main office only 7 miles away in Arlington, we often bring our cleaning van to Boston to provide expert cleaning services.

Boston Carpet, Furniture, & Other Cleaning Services:

Whether you live in an apartment in Backbay, or a condo by the harbor, you definitely want to keep your home clean. The old saying, “a clean home is a happy home” is now backed scientifically. Having clean carpets and furniture is good for both your physical and mental health. So whether you rent your property or own it, you should always try and keep it clean.

Carpet Cleaning in Boston

For ECS Carpet Cleaners, cleaning carpets is our namesake. If you live in one of the small minority of apartments that allow dogs our carpet cleaning service is for you. We love dogs, especially all the dogs playing together in the Boston Common. However, dogs bring in a lot of mud and dirt back from the Common to your apartment. Even if you don’t own a pet, you can definitely benefit from professional carpet cleaning. We deodorize carpets and provide a deep clean that removes stains and extends the life of the carpet or rug.

Furniture Cleaning

The same treatment we give carpets, we can also give your couches and other furniture. Furniture takes a beating, especially when the Patriots go to the Superbowl four times in only five years. And sure, you can flip over that couch cushion with the salsa stain on it once, but not twice. We use top of the line steam cleaning technology to remove stains and keep your couches and sofas in good condition.

Interior Painting

Property managers, how many tenants have lived in one of your apartments in the last decade? For many Boston apartments, you may have up to 8 different occupants in 10 years. Tenants often damage walls. Whether they use nails, screws, tape, or glue-based wall hanging options, it is rare to not see fading and other damage to your walls. Have your walls professionally repainted by ECS Carpet Cleaners. We have years of experience protecting floors and carpets while we paint, and we will make sure to cover up any holes or damage done by tenants.

Water Damage Repair & Mold Remediation in Boston

Because of snowmelt, hurricane season, and flooding, water damage can be a real problem. For property renters, even a small amount of mold or water damage can cost you your security deposit. For property managers, having mold and water damage in any common areas can become a serious health and safety problem. Avoid problems by having your home or property repaired from water damage quickly, and mold remediated and prevented by professionals.

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With two locations, including one in Arlington, MA, ECS Carpet Cleaners can provide you with affordable, same-day clean-up services for your Boston apartments, businesses, or homes! Please contact us today at and we will drive out to your Boston property. We look forward to hearing from you!

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