Burlington may be known for its mall, but there is a lot more to the town of Burlington, Massachusetts. With its multiple parks and even a skate park, it is the perfect place for families. Our team of professional cleaners often work with busy homeowners in the Burlington area that need their homes cleaned before hosting a fun event or party. Whatever the reason, we are happy to help Burlington residents keep their homes and carpets clean.

ECS Carpet Cleaners Services in Burlington, MA

Our cleaning practice is locally based in both Arlington and Woburn, which makes traveling to Burlington homes and businesses easy. We offer a variety of services that include:

Burlington Carpet Cleaners

If there is one thing ECS Carpet Cleaners is great at; it is Cleaning Carpets. Got stains? We will get them out with our steam-powered carpet cleaning technology. Did you know that dust, dirt, and debris that get trapped in your carpets and rugs cannot be cleaned with traditional vacuums? This debris will inevitably cause fraying and damage to your carpet. That is why it is recommended that you have your carpets professionally taken care of periodically.

Water Damage Repair & Mold Remediation in Burlington

A very common problem for home and business owners in Massachusetts is flooding. Between snowmelt at the end of the winter, and storm season in late summer, many home’s basements can take a beating. Plus, many older homes in areas like Burlington have older plumbing systems that often malfunction. For homes that experience flooding or mold, ECS Carpet Cleaners helps remediate the mold and perform light carpentry to repair water damage.

Interior Painting

Updating the paint job of a room can have many benefits. If you are showing off a home or apartment to new prospective buyers, a fresh paint job goes a long way. Newly painted walls can also transform your home’s interior. Although interior painting can be done yourself, it is often a long process and can get messy. Why not let the experienced team of painters from ECS Carpet Cleaners help. Not only will we get that fresh new coat of paint up, but we will also make sure your floors, carpets, and furniture are protected from paint spills.

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For the best cleaning and painting services in Burlington; Contact a member of the ECS Carpet Cleaners team using our online form or emailing us at ecsmailroom@yahoo.com. We look forward to hearing from you.

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