ECS Carpet Cleaners has offices in Woburn & Arlington Massachusetts. Our team travels throughout Northern Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire to provide affordable carpet cleaning services. We are a family-run company and a local business. We provide carpet cleaning, furniture stain removal, interior painting, mold remediation, and more.

nashua new hampshireAffordable Carpet Steam Cleaning in Nashua, MA:

At ECS Carpet Cleaners; our main service includes steam cleaning carpets and rugs. We can remove even the most deep set-in stains from your carpet with steam cleaning technology. We work with homes, apartment buildings, and offices in Nashua, New Hampshire to ensure that carpets look and smell fresh. We cna provide both one-time and routine carpet cleaning services for your property. If you are interested in carpet cleaning services or would like a free quote for your building please use our online contact form.

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Furniture Cleaning in Nashua

The same great technology that we use to clean stains out of carpets and rugs; can be used for sofas, couches and chairs. If you have upholstered furniture that you need cleaned before guests come over (or after they leave) we would be happy to help. We can lift stains and debris out of your couch cushions and chair seats.

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Water Damage Cleaning Service in Nashua, NH

Like many places in New England; Nashua, New Hampshire is no stranger to snow, ice, and heavy rainfall over the course of the year. Whether it is the elements or a burst pipe, it is not uncommon to deal with water damage every once and a while. That is why we provide air movers and water damage clean up services to businessess and homes in the Nashua area. We can quickly help dry up your basement, kitchen, or bathroom, and help disinfect the area.

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Mold Clean-Up For Nashua, NH

Aside from cleaning up water damage; our team also handles mold. Mold comes in many varieties and can cause a variety of problems for residents and visitors to your property. We help clean up mold throughout your property by following CDC guidelines on mold clean-up. For more information please see our page on mold cleaning services.

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Interior Painting in Nashua

Additionally we provide a service for painting walls indoors. Whether it is bedrooms, dining rooms, conference rooms, or apartment building lobbies, we would be happy to give you a quote on our painting services in New Hampshire.

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ECS Carpet Cleaners provides affordable cleaning services, to properties throughout Nashua, New Hampshire. For more information please contact us today either by filling out our contact form or by giving our offices a call.