Based in Arlington and Woburn Massachusetts, ECS Carpet Cleaners works with many different homeowners and business owners in the Stoneham area. Our team is a proud local, family-run business that serves Arlington, Woburn, and surrounding towns like Stoneham. We know that for the working parents in Stoneham it can be hard to keep your carpets and furniture clean. Plus, regular vacuuming cannot remove deep set-in debris or stains. Don’t throw out your furniture or carpets, with steam cleaning from ECS Carpet Cleaners we can remove the stains and make them look as good as new.

map of medfordOur Affordable Carpet Cleaning Services in Stoneham, MA:

Whether you manage a condominium complex, office building, or own a home, ECS Carpet Cleaners is committed to providing the best affordable carpet cleaning services in the area. Our team has over 30 years of experience providing cleaning services in Stoneham and are owner-operated with no gimmicks or hidden charges. We offer convenient scheduling through our online contact form.

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Carpet Steam Cleaning in Stoneham

If you live in Stoneham and you are thinking about a professional steam-cleaning of your rugs or carpets, call ECS Carpet Cleaners. We use steam cleaning and specialized treatments to remove dirt, debris, and stains from your carpet. Did you know that when the dirt is packed into a carpet it causes the individual threads to fray and tear over time? With regular carpet cleaning you can prevent your carpet from getting destroyed.

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Upholstery Cleaning in Stoneham

Kids, pets, Superbowl parties, whatever the reason, stains happen. Don’t just flip over the couch cushion after food, mud, or pet stains get on your sofa, hire ECS Carpet Cleaners to completely remove the stain. The same cleaning methods we use to remove stains and debris from carpets can be used to extract stains from your furniture.

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Water Damage Cleaning Service in Stoneham

If you have water pooling up in your basement or bathroom you need the area dried and sanitized quickly. With our industrial air movers and cleaning products we can make sure that water is handled professionally. Flooding can be caused by a variety of factors including storms or burst pipes. Whatever the cause, we can help handle it.

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Mold Remediation For Stoneham Homes

When there is flooding, there is often mold. Although the majority of mold species are relatively harmless they can cause allergy-like symptoms and decrease overall air quality. Mold can also be very unsightly. With ECS Carpet Cleaner’s help, we can handle mold in and around your home. Our team would be happy to clean up mold around your kitchen, bathrooms, or basement. If you see mold, give us a call.

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Interior Painting in Stoneham

Are you looking to have your walls painted? Whether you are an office space looking to paint your corner office, or you are an apartment owner looking to clean up some wall damage done by an unruly tenant, we have you covered. ECS Carpet Cleaners knows how to efficiently paint a room and protect your floors while we do it. Get a quote on interior painting by clicking below.

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With two convenient locations, including one in Woburn, MA, ECS Carpet Cleaners can provide you with affordable, same-day clean-up services! If you live in the Stoneham area and you need cleaning services, please contact us today us by filling out an online contact form or by calling our Woburn location at (781) 935-4455. We look forward to hearing from you!