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Does Carpet Cleaning Remove Cigarette Smell

There are two main reasons you might want to have your carpet professionally cleaned: the way it looks or the way it smells. While vacuuming can quickly remove dirt and debris from the surface of a carpet, many spills seep into the carpet and attach to the carpet fibers. A common concern for homeowners, apartment owners, and hotels is how to deal with cigarette smells. In this article, we will cover how a professional carpet cleaning can help with cigarette smoke.

How Do I Get Cigarette Smell Out of A Carpet?

Cigarette smoke has many chemicals with it and it easily attaches to carpet fibers. Only smoking a few cigarettes indoors can cause the smell to bond to the carpet in your home. And if you smoke frequently you will notice brown stains on carpets, furniture, and even on your walls. Vacuuming your carpet will not be enough to remove the cigarette smell. If you want to remove the cigarette smell from your home you will need to have carpets and furniture professionally cleaned.

Will Steam Cleaning Fix Cigarette Smell In My Carpet?

One of the best ways to remove cigarette smells from a carpet is through steam cleaning. Steam cleaning a carpet uses powerful steam to sanitize a carpet. Using mild chemicals and steam cleaning you can get cigarette smells and stains out of a carpet. That being said, steam cleaning might not be able to get stains and odors out of carpets that have very severe stains or odors. Regular scheduled carpet cleaning can continue to protect your carpets and furniture from developing irreversible stains and smells.

Professional Carpet Cleaning in Greater Boston

If you want to have your carpets and furniture cleaned and live in Greater Boston, give us a call. We provide professional steam cleaning services. Our carpet cleaning teams can help with carpets and furniture cleaning.

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