Light Electrical Services in Arlington & Woburn

At ECS Carpet Cleaning we provide many handyman services to local homes, apartments, and condos throughout Greater Boston. This includes light electrical work. There are some electrical projects that surely require working with a true electrician. Any electrical emergencies that directly impact your safety should be quickly reported to emergency services in your area, and larger projects like rewiring a home are usually where you would want to hire a company that specializes in electrical work. However, for smaller projects from installing equipment, fixing an outlet, resetting a breaker, or hanging up new lights, you can trust a local handyman.

Our team would be happy to provide affordable services for light electrical work at your house, apartment, or condo. If you need help with smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, hooking up a security system, or just some basic troubleshooting we can handle it without breaking the bank.

Electrical Services For Offices in Greater Boston

We also work with offices throughout Greater Boston. The key to any productive office is organization. We can help you keep your electrical components organized and make it easy for your team to get to work without worrying about tripping over tangled wires. Likewise, we can help with security systems, changing light bulbs, and other light electrical work. For more information on our services please give us a call. 

Contact ECS Carpet Cleaners for a Quote

To learn more about our electrical services or to get a quote for any of our services please contact ECS Carpet Cleaning via our online contact form. A member of our team would be happy to help you and provide more information.