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How Often Should You Clean Your Carpet

Carpet Cleaning

Everyone knows that carpets are susceptible to trapping large amounts of dirt, dust, and other debris commonly found on the ground or bottom of individuals shoes. Although not many know how often they should actually be addressing this mess as it can quickly build up and before you realize it, your once beautiful carpet is now not only less visually appealing but also extremely uncleanly as well. This level of uncleanliness goes beyond a few germs and stains as both indoor and outdoor allergens can become easily trapped within a dirty carpet causing anyone with allergies to suffer the consequences.

Carpet Considerations

This is why it is so important for individuals to know how often they should clean their carpet. But unfortunately, the answer isn’t as simple a providing everyone with the same time frame. This is because of the fact that there are many variables to consider when determining how often your carpet must be cleaned. The variables to consider are the amount of foot traffic that goes through that area as well as if the cleaning will be done by you yourself or a reputable carpet cleaning company such as ECS Carpet Cleaners. It is generally recommended to perform spot cleanings with a vacuum at least once a week in areas with low traffic while some high traffic areas can require daily vacuuming. These simple spot cleanings can help to make sure that you don’t need professional help as often.

Although, regardless of if you are always on top of spot cleaning when required, it is generally recommended that even low traffic areas have their carpets professionally cleaned at least every two years unless the carpet manufacturer suggests otherwise. Individuals who are aware of high traffic areas in need of professional cleaning should request help at least annually or even sometimes semi-annually.

Carpet Cleaning Benefits

In addition to making sure that your carpet is clean as can be, regular cleanings provide a variety of other benefits to the carpet as well. These cleanings help to maintain the original look of the carpet as well as extend the span in which is can be used for. Each step taken on carpet flooring slowly but surely wears away at the structure of the material, and this process of wear is accelerated in high traffic areas. Avoid these issues and start reaping the benefit of a clean carpet today with help from the professionals at ECS Carpet Cleaners. Our staff has the extensive knowledge required to make sure your carpet is looking brand new. Contact us today for more information about us and our available carpet cleaning services!

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