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How To Get Your Security Deposit Back

Whether this is your first apartment or your tenth, getting that security deposit back can be a stressful process. Often times a security deposit is equal to a full months of rent which means losing thousands of dollars if you do not get it back. Here are a few tips on how you can improve your chances of getting your deposit back.

Do Some Research

Whether or not you receive your security deposit is at the discretion of the people managing your building. When looking for a new apartment, consider checking reviews on sites like Google to see if “not getting back a security deposit” is a common complaint. Many tenants that are upset they didn’t receive their deposit leave a comment about the issue on different review sites. This can be invaluable when choosing a property to move in to.

Catalogue Any Existing Damage

The first thing you should do on move-in day is to take pictures. And aside from posting on social media your new apartment, you should also take pictures of any damage you notice during the first week. Whether it is a door hanging crooked, stains on the floor, issues with the wall paint, you want to make sure these are all recorded. You should also share these images to your landlord or leasing office so they understand any issues that existed prior to your arrival.

How To Handle Carpet Stains

When it is time to move out give yourself a week or two to clean your apartment. Any step you take to leave it like you found it will go a long way in getting that deposit back. Clean the bathroom, the floors, and the carpets to the best of your ability. If your carpet is stained consider hiring an affordable carpet cleaning professional to help remove the stain.

How to Handle Drywall Issues In My Apartment?

If you hung up art or photos in your apartment you may have left some damage on the walls. Adhesive hanging materials can rip paint and drywall, and nails/screws leave holes. A local handyman can help you with drywall patching for an affordable rate. Additionally, they can paint over the drywall patch to decrease the odds of wall damage being listed as a reason you are not getting your full deposit back.

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