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How To Handle Your Apartment Building Flooding

Water Damage Clean-Up

From a broken sprinkler system to a burst pipe, to an issue to your roof, the sudden flooding of any building is sure to catch the property manager off guard. In the immediate moments after the flooding is noticed, depending on the size of the flooding, tenants may need to evacuate, the fire department may need to be called, and you are looking at weeks if not longer, of clean-up. From hiring

How to Prevent An Apartment Building Flooding

The best way to handle flood damage is to not have flood damage in the first place. But that is easier said than done, and in some cases flooding is unavoidable. But a great way to avoid potential flooding is with proper inspections. Having plumbers inspect your pipes and perform routine maintenance can prevent a burst pipe. Having roofing inspectors provide seasonal inspections can prevent cave-ins caused by ice and snow buildup or leaks. And having your sprinklers tested can ensure they are in proper working order. Generally speaking, good building maintenance and inspections today can prevent thousands of dollars and hours in repairs later.

What To Do When A Building Floods

If your building begins to flood, it is important for everyone to get evacuated. Emergency services may be required to handle the problem that caused the flooding. In the meantime it will be important to inform your residents if they will need to find alternate lodging for the night depending on the estimation of when it will be safe for tenants to re-enter the building. The next step is to understand how widespread the damage is. Hopefully both you and your tenants have the proper insurance. Regardless, tenants who have had their units damaged by flooding will need to be notified. Damage should always be assessed an documented so insurance can properly pay for the damages.

Water Damage Clean-up

Once the source of the flooding has been addressed, the next important step is to hire a team that can provide water damage clean-up. Large air movers will be able to dry carpets, walls, and flooring. And in some cases walls will need to be stripped 6 inches to one foot above the floor so that the wood inside can be dried as well. This can prevent permanent damage to the the building’s structure as well as mold growth. Obviously if your walls need to be stripped, new drywall will need to go up and be painted after the process is finished.

Interior Painting and Water Damage Clean-Up Service In Boston

ECS Carpet Cleaners provides water damage clean up and interior painting services to apartments and condos throughout the Greater Boston area. If you need high quality services please give us a call.

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