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How To Maintain Vacation Homes

Manchester, NH

Many families invest in a vacation home near one of their favorite vacation spots. Whether that is on the beaches in New England, or across the country there are endless benefits to having your own place to retreat to. Owning a vacation home means unlimited access to one of your favorite spots without having to worry about finding the right hotel or renting an expensive Airbnb. Plus, vacation homeowners enjoy the luxury of having a home away from home with all the creature comforts that come with. Even a small one bedroom cottage makes a great place to spend time when you are on vacation/ If you own a vacation home or just have multiple properties, it can be difficult to keep them clean and maintain them while they are vacant.

General Maintenace & Handyman Services For Vacation Homes

Every property requires some degree of maintenance. This is especially true for a property you plan to keep vacant for long stretches of time. Usually when you go on vacation, you can trust a neighbor to check your mail, feed the pets, and keep an eye out on your home. But a vacation home will be likely vacant for months at a time. This means there are a few maintenance projects you need to consider for this property:

  • Pest Control: A home left vacant can become a home for insects and rodents. You should work with a local pest control team to come up with a preventative pest control plan. This includes ensuring that you home’s siding, walls, and doorways do not allow for easy access for pests, as well as leaving bait and traps out when you are away.
  • Security: A strong security system is a must for any vacation home. Modern systems can connect to your phone or computer to alert you of any potential thefts or burglaries. Some systems can even contact local emergency services in the event of a break-in. A local handyman can help you install cameras and other security system components.
  • Mold Prevention & Remediation: Mold is another concern for properties that do not see year-round use. Keeping your home dry is a great way to prevent mold growth. Learn how our team can help remediate mold and how to prevent mold by clicking here.
  • Plumbing: Additionally you will want to make sure that your plumbing is taken care of when you are away. Most people do not visit their vacation homes during the winter. This can lead to freezing pipes. A local plumber can help prep your plumbing system for the cold winter.

Keeping Your Vacation Home Clean

No one wants to plan a week vacation, get to their vacation home, and realize that it is covered in dust. That is why professional cleaning services are often used for vacation homes. Seasonal cleaning can help your carpets, furniture, and other areas of your home. A simple walkthrough from a local carpet cleaning company can ensure that when you get to your vacation home, you can get right to relaxing.

Home Maintenance Services in Greater Boston

ECS Carpet Cleaning provides home maintenance services including general carpentry, plumbing, and electrical work as well as cleaning services and mold remediation. Whether you need help with your existing home or a vacation home, or simply a condo or apartment, we would be happy to provide an affordable quote.

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