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How To Match Paint

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Whether you are a homeowner or an apartment building manager, it is likely you will need to repaint a wall at some point or another. Damage to walls can happen in a variety of ways from a tenant leaving markings from hanging decorations to fading or water damage over time. However, it can be a challenge to touch-up a single area of a wall if you do not know the exact paint color that was used the first time around. That is where paint matching comes in. There are a variety of techniques painters can use to find the right paint and get the job done.

Paint Matching Phone Applications

It is the 21st century and if there is a problem, there is usually an app for it. Many of the big-name paint companies have applications that can match paint colors. This is especially helpful if you remember the brand of paint you used but not the specific color. But even if you end up switching brands, most brands have a similar hue and shade to one another. Simply download the app, take a picture of the painted surface (in natural light), and see what they recommend. This can be effective, however, one downside is that it is fully computer-based. If the picture you take doesn’t have sufficient light or the light bulbs in the room are messing with the exposure, it could cause you to get paint that is a few shades off.

Using a Spectrophotometer

A spectrophotometer is a special device that can measure the light wavelengths that reflect off an object and gives a reading. Many paint stores have one on hand and if you are able to bring a sample of the paint color they can use their spectrophotometer to get a more accurate reading of what color paint you need. Unfortunately, this requires you to either bring a paint chip or a piece of fabric or yarn that matches the paint you have in mind. Alternatively, you could take a photo of your wall and use a spectrophotometer on the photo or even use computer software to look up the HEX code (a six-digit code of letters and numbers meant to differentiate colors). But once again this requires the right lighting conditions when you take the photo. You might not get a perfect match but you will get something close.

Get Samples & Bring Them Home

Some paint stores will provide samples you can bring home to match them to your existing walls. This is by far the most effective way to match paint on your own without hiring someone to do it for you. If you absolutely need the paint to match, this would be the best option.

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