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How To Prevent Your Rug From Fading

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When you spend money on a brand-new carpet, the last thing you want is for the color to fade. While naturally, this is an occurring problem that will develop over time; it can be preventable. However, without proper attention and care, your rugs pose the risk of fading and bleaching from the sun and constant usage. That is why the carpet cleaning experts here at ECS Carpet Cleaners have compiled our top tips to help prevent your rugs from fading.


5 Ways To Prevent Your Carpet From Fading:


Avoid Placing the Rug In Direct Sunlight

When you decide to place a rug in a room, it is crucial to see where the sunlight comes in before placing it. Take into account different times of the day, the sun is strongest in the early afternoon, so if your rug is placed in direct light during that time, it will do the most damage.


Put Up Curtains

Not only do curtains offer your home an increase in energy efficiency, but they will also protect your carpet and upholstery from fading. For optimal coverage, when you are gone for long periods of time, close the windows; this will limit the exposure and leave you feeling worry-free.


Ask Your Local Carpet Cleaning Company For Rug Protectors

If your carpet has faded or has tough-to-get-out stains, debris, or dirt buried within it, it is time to contact a professional carpet cleaner. With certain types of rugs, adding a rug protector can add a great layer to protect against stains or fading. If you are in the Massachusetts area, there is no better team to prevent carpet fading than ECS Carpet Cleaners. At ECS Carpet Cleaners, we specialize in all carpets; our environmentally friendly green carpet cleaning will make your carpet look and smell brand new again.


Place Lighter Colored Carpets Near The Windows

If you have a room in your home or business that receives tons of natural sunlight and you want to utilize light-colored carpets, place those rugs near the windows and more vibrant rugs farther away. Lighter-colored rugs do not show sun damage as harshly as vibrant colors.


Put A UV Coating On Your Windows

Many newer homes are likely equipped with windows with a strong UV protectant coating. This coating protects items and carpets within your home from fading. If you do not have this coating on your window, it is best to add it as it is more cost-efficient than entirely replacing your windows.


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