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How To: Properly Turnover An Apartment

When your tenants’ lease comes to an end it is your responsibility as a landlord to properly assess and clean your property quickly and efficiently in order to fill the vacant property fast. In order to properly restore the unit to its original condition, you’ll want to compile a checklist of items you wish or need to complete. This will ensure that you get everything done before handing the keys over to your new tenants, whether it’s the next day or a few weeks from now. If you are wondering where to start, don’t fret, the expert apartment unit turnover team here at ECS has compiled our top tips to help you successfully turn over your apartment.

Top Apartment Unit Turnover Tips:

Conduct A Walkthrough

Right before or once your existing tenants have moved out, conduct a thorough walk-through of the apartment. During this process, you will want to take photos and note any damages that are presenting themselves. Immediately after, refer back to the notes taken during the tenants’ initial move-in inspection. This will help you determine if there are any new scratches, dings, damage, or broken items in the unit, allowing you to accurately charge the tenant.

Create A Checklist

Once your walkthrough is complete create a proper checklist of all the items that need to be worked on before your next tenant moves in. This could be mold remediation, carpet cleaning, changing light bulbs, etc.

Update Appliances

If there’s been any damage to the appliances in the unit, or if they’re extremely outdated, it may be time to replace them. It is best to do this before you start cleaning and this process may cause unwanted dust and dirt. Appliances to check are laundry, stove, air conditioner, sinks, showers, and anything else that could seemingly need a repair.

Clean Everything

Once repairs have been completed it is time to fully clean the entire unit. Consider cleaning from top to bottom, getting all of the dust off the top part of the unit, and working your way down. This will allow you to create a clean and inviting space for your new tenants. Do you need apartment cleaning services in Boston or the surrounding area? The team here at ECS Carpet Cleaning provides full unit turnover cleaning services to effectively prepare your units for their next tenants! This includes a variety of individual services such as carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, painting, wall damage, flood damage, etc. Our team will make sure that your unit is as good as new by tailoring our services to exactly what your unit needs!

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