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How To Rid Pet Stains and Odors

We all love our furry friends as they make a house a home! However, while the love they give is fantastic, the unwanted stains and odors are not. A few scents are worse to come home to than an unpleasant smell from your beloved pet. While some pet stains are much harder to treat than others, have no fear. The expert team at ECS Carpet Cleaners has compiled our top tips to help you eliminate pet odors from your home.

How Do I Clean Stains From Pets?


Soak Up Remnants

If your pet has left a wet or damp stain, you will want to soak up as much of the excess as possible! Remove it by placing clean towels or cloths for a few hours; this will absorb the unwanted mess.


Repeat And Flush

You will want to repeat blotting the affected area with fresh towels or paper towels until the carpet or upholstery is entirely or primarily dry! Once you have found the area to be dry, you will take cold water, not hot, to rinse the area to clean. Repeat the blotting until the carpet looks to be dry.


Use Baking Soda:

Once your pet has left an unwanted mess and you have removed the excess, you will want to use an all-natural odor neutralizer such as baking soda! You will want to use an item like baking soda because it helps fight the odor from your pet. To use it properly, coat the affected area with baking soda, leave it for a couple of hours, and then vacuum to remove it.


Use Drugstore Carpet Cleaning Tools

You can find odor eliminators and other carpet cleaning tools from your local store or drugstore. Follow the instructions on the back of the bottle. Remember to do a spot treatment first to ensure the chemicals work with your space.


When To Contact A Carpet Professional?

If you have tried all of our tips from above and are still noticing that your pets’ stains and odors aren’t going anywhere, it is time to seek professional carpet cleaning assistance. Not only can a professional carpet cleaning company tackle the job quickly and efficiently, but it can also make your home look and smell better than ever before! If you are in Massachusetts and looking for a professional carpet cleaning company to help rid your pet’s stains, look no further than ECS Carpet Cleaners! We would welcome the opportunity to work with you!


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