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Symptoms of Mold Exposure
February 25, 2020
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April 24, 2020

Interior Cleaning & Sanitation During COVID-19

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Because of the novel coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, many residents of Greater Boston are spending an extended amount of time at home. And although this is the best way to minimize the spread of the pandemic, it may lead to other issues with sanitation. According to the CDC, the novel coronavirus can stay on surfaces for a few hours to a few days depending on the surface. That is why ECS Carpet Cleaners is working with offices, apartments, and homes to provide professional sanitation services.

Carpet Cleaning Service for Offices & Homes in Boston

ECS Carpet Cleaners can help with carpet cleaning during COVID-19. Sanitizing your carpets provides a better air quality as it removes bacteria, viruses, dust, dirt and more. Carpets can contain many different allergens and other microscopic things for a long period of time. If your office is shut down for work from home, now is a perfect time to set up a cleaning. We can help sanitize your entire office space so it is clean when work resumes.

Upholstery Cleaning Service

Similar to our carpet cleaning service, we can sanitize couches, sofas and other furniture around apartments, condos, homes, and offices. If you have common areas in your building, you should have your seating areas professionally disinfected regularly. The CDC is recommending that all common spaces are cleaned often and daily when possible. Because the virus can stay on surfaces for hours to days, it is important that these areas are either closed or cleaned as often as possible.

Mold Remediation

Because a majority of the workforce is now spending extended periods of time at home, it is important to consider other issues you may face while waiting to get back outside. Mold can pollute the air in your building and cause a variety of symptoms. Because mold exposure symptoms are so common and similar to a wide variety of bacterial and viral infections, it is important to know the signs of mold. If you are experience minor symptoms and you notice mold in your home, you should have it remediated right away. If you experience any symptoms that are severe or include fever and difficulty breathing, the CDC recommends getting tested for COVID-19 and seeking medical help. We also advise homeowners to use fans and their windows to circulate air. Although this is not a recommendation on handling COVID-19, this can be effective against mold spores and airborne illnesses that are now trapped inside with you.

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