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Is Carpet Steam Cleaning Better Than Shampooing?

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Over time your carpet is sure to see some wear and tear. If you have kids or pets, it may take less time. And while vacuuming and routine cleaning can do a lot, it can’t do it all. Rugs and carpets often get dirt and debris trapped deep within their fibers. Which is why professional carpet cleaning is always a good call. But what type of carpet cleaning should you get?

Why You Should Have Carpets Cleaned Professionally

Let’s start here. While it is possible to clean your carpets yourself, it can be very difficult. Plus professional carpet cleaners have tools and equipment that makes the process easier and more effective. When dirt gets trapped inside carpets it causes them to fray due to friction. Over time this will destroy your carpets and rugs and instead of needing them cleaned you will need them replaced. Additionally, know amount of vacuuming will get rid of odors or stains. And even some stain removal and odor removal products you buy at the store simply cover the stain instead of removing the matter causing the odor in the first place.

How Does Carpet Steam Cleaning Work?

Steam cleaning or hot water extraction is a process where water is heated to high temperatures to clean carpets. A pump sends the steam into the carpet and vacuum removes it. The high pressure steam dislodges dirt, oils, and stains while the vacuum sucks them up. Steam cleaning requires a truck-mounted steam cleaner.

Pros of Steam Cleaning: Steam cleaning only uses water vapor to clean your carpets, so it is good for the environment and prevents any allergic reactions for you and your family. Steam cleaning can even get rid of some insects and pests that lay eggs in carpets. The steam is an effective way of destroying the eggs.

Cons of Steam Cleaning: Steam cleaning may not be able to remove discoloration or stains. In those cases carpet cleaners will use a method known as spotting which involves using a detergent to lift stains in specific places. Steam cleaning is not viable without a professional team’s help.

How Does Carpet Shampooing Work?

Just like washing your hair, shampooing involves using cleaners to get in between carpet fibers to clean up dirt, grease, and other stains. Like with hair products, the detergent needs to be rubbed into the carpet. This requires a carpet machine that can push the detergent deep into the carpet and then a vacuum to remove the debris and the shampoo.

Pros of Carpet Shampooing: Carpet shampooing can be done by the homeowner. If you pick the right shampoo products and buy the right equipment you can clean your own carpets. Carpet cleaning technology can also be used on furniture.

Cons of Carpet Shampooing: Carpet shampooing machines are less environmentally friendly and take longer to dry than steam cleaning.

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