At ECS Carpet Cleaners we work with local housing authorities to provide our cleaning services for the properties in their group. Throughout the Massachusetts area our team works with homeowners, apartment owners, and other facility managers to help with professional cleaning. We provide a variety of helpful cleaning servivces as well as other light carpentry work as needed. If you manage a local housing authority we would love to work with you to help the homeowners in your group get access to a locally owned & affordable cleaning service.

Routine Carpet & Furniture Cleanings

Our chief service is carpet and furniture cleaning. We use a steam cleaning method to lift dirt, dust, and oils out of carpets. Unlike carpet shampooing, steam-cleaning is good for the environment and leaves your carpet dryer. We highly recommend that properties get steam cleaning done on a regular basis. Additionally, our team cleans upholstered furniture and helps remove stains.

Mold Remediation & Water Damage Cleaning

One service that we highly recommend for local housing authorities is our emergency water damage cleaning service. Local housing authorities should provide local residents with recommendations for a variety of necessary home services including pest control, electricians, plumbers, and water damage cleaning services. In the event of a flood caused by either inclement weather or a burst pipe, our team can be on site to help clean and dry up the space quickly. Additionally, we provide mold remediation services to help remove mold from a property.

Interior Painting

Another popular service from ECS Carpet Cleaners is our interior painting. Whether our clients want to repaint multiple rooms in their home or are just looking to touch-up a single wall, we would be happy to help with painting services. Because we are a cleaning company, we know the importance of properly prepping an area before painting, so you can count on ECS to keep a room clean while we paint.

Handyman Services in Greater Boston

Additionally our team can help with a variety of small jobs around a property. We provide simple services including smoke detector repair, as well as light plumbing and electrical work as needed. Often when working on a water damage cleaning project we will need to replace damaged wall and trim.

Schedule A Carpet Cleaning with ECS Carpet Cleaners

If you manage a local housing authority we would love to connect with you. Give us a call, we offer competitive rates for our work and service many areas throughout eastern Massachusetts. We would be happy to offer you quotes and get in contact with homeowners in your area.