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Mold Prevention Tips

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ECS Carpet Cleaners provides a variety of services to businesses and homes in our service area. This includes mold remediation services. As a mold remediation service, we consistently give advice to our clients on how to prevent future mold growth. Mold can grow in a variety of circumstances, however, it prefers certain environments. By taking the right precautions in your home, you can decrease the chance of mold growing in your kitchen, bathroom, or basement.

Identify Areas Where Mold Is Likely To Grow

The first step in preventing mold is knowing where mold is likely to grow. First, if you have had mold in the past, you should always monitor the areas that mold has been. Second, you should check for areas of your home where it is dark, damp, and warm. This includes bathrooms, kitchens, and basement areas. Check any exposed piping for leaks as not only will this lead to mold but it could also affect your water bill and overall plumbing.

Keep Areas Dry

Mold grows where there are moisture and humidity. There are a few ways to prevent the build-up of moisture in your home. First, you should always dry areas that become wet. If water spills on your floor outside of a shower or in the kitchen, you should immediately dry it up. Not only does standing water increase the potential for mold but it can damage your flooring. Additionally using dehumidifiers and proper ventilation in your building can keep moisture out of the air.

Mold-Resistant Products

This step may not be an immediate step you can take, but if you are remodeling or building new sections of your property you can use mold-resistant products. There are mold-resistant drywall products as well as mold-resistant flooring. Both of these products are designed to prevent the growth of mold. So if you plan to remodel your bathrooms, consider using mold-resistant materials.

Clean & Repair Your Gutters

Blocked or leaking gutters can lead to indoor flooding. Always make sure to check your gutters for blockages or for any leaks. Sometimes you will need to repair your gutters to ensure that waters are not entering your home and pooling. In New-England snow and ice buildup can cause gutters to freeze and fracture, so it is important to give them a full inspection every spring.

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