Mold Remediation Services In Woburn, MA

Mold is something that no one wants to have in their home. It sounds gross and disgusting but worse, it can negatively impact your health!

Mold can be found anywhere that moisture and oxygen exist. That means that your insulation, wood, paper, and carpet can all be homes for mold. When excessive moisture builds up on any of these types of materials, mold will start to appear and grow.

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How To Tell If You Have Mold?

The most common cause for mold in a home or business is the humidity in that location is not regulated. Older constructed homes and out-dated construction methods lead to buildings not having ideal ventilation which causes moisture to build up. Roof leaks, combustion appliances, and the building’s landscape can all contribute to mold problems.

Not all mold can be seen with the naked eye. Mold often hides in dark areas like the back of drywall, paneling or even in between the wall and wallpaper. Pipes, furniture, and acoustic liners are all places you can expect to find mold if there is a moisture build-up in your home or office.

What Do You Do If You Have Mold?

While it is impossible to completely remove mold and spores, mold can be remediated and controlled. This means that we can remove and decrease as much mold as possible. To prevent mold from growing, it is important that you address any moisture issues in your home or business since mold needs water to grow. If your home or business smells moldy or you know water damage has occurred, call ECS Carpet Cleaners today because this could cause health issues.

Investigation Testing & Remediation Services In Woburn, MA

Investigating mold problems is a difficult process which is best left to a professional. We can test the mold present and create a plan to reduce future growth while eliminating as much mold as possible. One reason it is important to have professionals test your mold is that there are some types of mold that are toxic to humans. Whether you own a home, apartment, or a small business it is vital for your safety and the safety of others that dangerous molds are not present. Give yourself peace of mind knowing that the health of your family or clients is in good hands. Our trained technicians will investigate and determine any existing mold issues. They will provide a detailed report of their findings and take necessary next steps to ensure the health and safety of all your occupants.

Preventing New Mold In Woburn, MA

After remediating your mold problem, ECS Carpet Cleaners will also provide ways to improve your home’s ability to prevent mold. ECS Carpet Cleaners also helps with undoing water damage that can cause mold. If your home or business floods, contact us to have your property drained and dried to prevent future mold outbreaks. ECS Carpet Cleaners also offers light carpentry to prevent leaks that may cause mold.

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Veronica McManus - Acton, MA

“I have been using, and recommending, ECS Carpet Cleaners for over 30 years without disappointment. They are efficient, polite and professional. I was recently thinking about tossing out 2 area rugs that were looking tired, instead I hired ECS to clean them. They look great and I’m keeping them for another year or two!”

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Megan Parsons - Belmont, MA

“Andy did a great job cleaning my large sectional with multiple pet stains. I would highly recommend him.”


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