ECS Carpet Cleaners has been working in cleaning carpets in Arlington & Woburn for more than 30 years. In that time we have served many different clients from homeowners to property managers. If you are looking for carpet cleaning or painting services for your property, give us a call. Here is a list of the different clients we work with.

Residential Clientele

A large section of our clientele is homeowners. For families living throughout Massachusettes, our carpet cleaning services come highly rated. We pride ourselves on being both affordable and straightforward. We ensure that all of our customers know what they will be paying and are never surprised when they get billed. For some homes, we provide regular cleanings, but we also offer one-time visits. Learn more about our residential services here.

Condominium Associations

Along Massachusettes’ coastline and especially near Boston, there are many condominiums as well as timeshares. We spend a lot of time cleaning these areas to make sure they stay in good condition year-round. Our team not only provides excellent carpet cleaning services but also furniture cleaning. Learn more about the services we provide condominiums.

Commercial Office Buildings

A clean office is a happy office, and more importantly a productive office. We often work with commercial properties to clean carpets and furniture. Clean carpets are known to improve air quality, and clean rooms have been correlated to better psychological health and even boosted productivity. We also get many requests to clean conference rooms and other areas that are seen by prospective clients and business partners. Learn more about our office building services.

Property Management Firms

We partner with property management firms throughout Massachusetts to take care of their apartment complexes. Every year there are more apartments added to the market, and with the competitive real estate industry in Massachusetts, it is vital for our clients that their properties are professionally cleaned. We often do work between leases to ensure that properties are ready for walkthroughs with new potential leasees. Learn more about the services we offer to property management companies.

Facility Maintenance Operators

We offer emergency water damage cleanup in the events of flooding. Whether that flooding is caused by a pipe burst or by the weather, the best way to protect your facility is to have the water removed and the area dried. That is why we partner with facility maintenance operators to ensure that their facilities are properly cared for.

Local Housing Authorities

ECS Carpet Cleaners also works with local housing authorities. As a local owner-operated company we pride ourselves on having relationships with other local entities. For housing authorities, we provide all of our cleaning services, including mold remediation. Remediating mold is necessary for the health and wellbeing of occupants.

Contact ECS Carpet Cleaners

If you need cleaner carpets, cleaner sofas, a new coat of paint, or assistance with water damage or mold, work with ECS Carpet Cleaners. We make scheduling an appointment easy through our contact form, phone or email.