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How Professional Carpet Cleaning Can Remove Bad Odors From Your Carpets

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As a homeowner, no one wants to deal with a bad smell that lingers. This is especially troubling if you own a business or residential property. A bad odor coming from your carpets or floors can make it difficult to invite guests over or have customers nearby. And while there are a few solutions you can buy at the store to help clean your carpets, sometimes they just don’t get the job done. If a stain or odor-causing mess was left alone of an extended period of time the very chemicals causing the bad smell can bind to the fibers of your carpets. In cases like this, you need professional steam cleaning if you want to get rid of those odors and stains.

Can Carpet Cleaning Get Rid of Cigarette Smells?

The smell of cigarette smoke is not always a pleasant one. While some people might have some positive association with the smell of tobacco, it can be very overpowering. If you own an apartment building and the previous tenant was a smoker, or you had guests over at your home or Airbnb and there is a tobacco smell coming from your carpets, you might want to get a quote for steam cleaning. Cigarette smoke has chemicals including tars and oils that can cling to the fabric of your carpet. This can create yellow-ish stains and lead to a lingering smell that can last years. Steam cleaning can help melt away those oils and tars with high heat and loosen the other dirt and debris with pressure. Steam cleaning is one of the most effective solutions for getting rid of cigarette odors without having to change out your carpet.

Does Steam Cleaning Get Rid Of Pet Odors?

There are two common choices for professional carpet cleaning methods; shampooing and steam cleaning. When choosing between the two methods it is important to note that professional carpet cleaners might actually change their method of cleaning if they know the issue is pet-related. There are special odor neutralizers designed to eliminate pet odor smells, especially if they are deep within a carpet. Shampooing and steam cleaning can actually make pet smells worse if the wrong deodorizer is used. So make sure to tell the people cleaning your carpet what type of odor you are trying to get rid of.

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