Throughout Massachusetts, facility maintenance operators are depended on to increase the utility of the buildings or other properties that they work in. This can include anything from adding new features like laundry machines to ensuring that important tasks are routinely completed including replacing lightbulbs and cleaning common areas. Oftentimes facility maintenance operators also act as a liaison between their property and private contractors and local services that provide pest control, electrical work, locksmith work, and commercial cleaning. ECS Carpet Cleaners provides a variety of services that are beneficial to any facility maintenance operator or supervisor.

Routine Carpet & Furniture Cleanings

Whether you are looking for common areas including hallways, lobbies, and stairwells to be cleaned or you are looking to provide tenants with a recommended cleaning service, ECS Carpet Cleaners is the best choice. We are locally based and provide affordable rates for our routine cleaning services. With steam cleaning technology, we can get rid of stains, dirt, and odors from carpets and furniture in apartments and condo units throughout Eastern Massachusetts.

One-Time Apartment Unit Carpet Cleaning

All of our cleaning services we offer routinely, we also offer on a single-use basis. If you have tenants in your building that need sporadic cleaning services as needed, give them our number and contact info. We can provide carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning services as well as our other cleaning services whenever they need them. With our affordable rates, customer service, and commitment to excellence, we will make sure to leave your tenants happy which will reflect well on your building.

Interior Painting

Another popular service from ECS Carpet Cleaners is our interior painting. Whether an existing tenant needs a new paint job, or you want to paint an empty unit between tenants, we can help. It is not uncommon for units to need a fresh coat of paint between tenants as many tenants hang up art and posters and damage the walls. We will also paint interiors for common areas including the walls in your lobby, hallways or other areas of the building. Our team knows how to paint to preserve the furniture and carpets.

Water Damage & Mold Remediation

One of the key problems for apartment buildings in Massachusetts is flooding. As a building’s maintenance operator or supervisor it is important to have an answer for when flooding happens. Whether flooding is caused by a burst pipe or weather conditions, ECS Carpet Cleaners can help. Our cleaners can help get rid of mold┬áthat is caused by flooding and clean up any water damage. Because of the wet conditions throughout Massachusetts’ coastal cities, it is important to make sure that you have a service that can quickly deal with these problems

Schedule A Carpet Cleaning with ECS Carpet Cleaners

Need your building looked at? Give us a call, we offer competitive rates for our work and service many areas throughout eastern Massachusetts. We would be happy to offer you a quote and get to work cleaning your building’s carpets.