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Why Can’t I Get A Stain Out Of My Couch?

A stain on a couch or chair can be quite annoying, And while we have all felt the urge to simply flip over a cushion and pretend that the stain is gone, the best thing to do is deal with it right then and there. One of the really hard things is dealing with set-in stains. While it might be possible to spot clean a set-in stain, one of the best things to do is to call a company that specializes in stain removal and furniture cleaning. Commercial-grade cleaning products and equipment are sometimes the only way to remove an old stain.

How To Remove New Stains From Furniture

If you catch a stain early, you have a much better chance of getting rid of it. First and foremost you will want to remove any food or things off the surface of the fabric. For example, if the food was spilled, start by removing the solid food before handling the stain. When cleaning the fabric, you should always dab instead of rub or wipe. Wiping and rubbing can push the food or liquid deeper into the fabric and also push it to areas that it hasn’t reached yet. Make sure to use an appropriate cleaning detergent and equipment. 

How To Remove Set-In Stains

It is not always possible to clean up a stain immediately. For example, hotels and businesses might not know about a stain until much later after the spill. Or if a spill happens because pets or kids spill some food, there might be a long period of time before the parents know about it. When handling an older spill you should follow a few quick steps. First, you should consider vacuuming the furniture and checking the cleaning instructions. Cleaning codes might influence how you go about cleaning your sofa, couch, or other upholstered furniture. If possible, using steam can help lift the stain out of the furniture. You can then gently clean the upholstery to remove the stain. 

When To Call A Furniture Cleaning Company

If you try to clean a stain but it won’t come out, you might not need to throw it out and replace the furniture. Before you go shopping, consider calling a company that provides carpet and furniture cleaning services. With their commercial equipment, they might have a better chance of cleaning the furniture. 

Furniture Cleaning & Stain Removal In Boston

If you live in the Greater Boston area and need stain removal services, please give us a call. We would be happy to discuss the process and provide quotes for carpet and furniture cleaning services. 

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