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August 17, 2020
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October 25, 2020

Should You Get a Mold Test?

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Mold is a very common problem for business owners and homeowners. Mold can appear almost anywhere in a property where it is warm, damp, and dark. Mold is most commonly found in basements, bathrooms, and kitchens but it can also appear behind laundry units, and anywhere there is a leaky pipe. In some cases mold even grows inside the walls or between floors. Mold can cause difficulty breathing, allergy-like symptoms, and in some cases more serious ailments.

Mold Remediation & Abatement

Mold remediation is the process of cleaning and disinfecting mold around a property. This stops mold growth and prevents future mold from growing. Cleaning mold can be dangerous due to the fact that many of the symptoms of mold exposure come from inhaling mold spores. During the cleaning process, the mold will get disturbed and will likely spread mold spores throughout the air. Breathing this air can be very detrimental to lung health and if it gets on your skin it could cause a rash, irritation, or other issues. Of course, the real risk is based on the type of mold you have. Different molds pose different threats. This is why many mold abatement companies recommend mold testing services.

Mold Testing

There are literally thousands of different types of mold organisms. Most of the common mold varieties we find in our homes or offices are relatively harmless. Other than some temporary symptoms they do not pose a significant health threat. Granted, this may be different if the occupants are immunocompromised or having a breathing condition like asthma. But, for the most part, the average mold you find in a home will not lead to severe symptoms or permanent health issues. However, there are some mold varieties that pose a greater risk. This is why it is usually recommended that you have your mold tested before you attempt to clean it. This can prevent exposure if you plan to perform DIY mold abatement.

Do You Need Mold Testing

Mold testing is recommended if you plan to clean up the mold yourself. However, if you hire a mold cleaning professional that already owns the right protective equipment, you may not need to pay for a mold test. Knowing what type of mold you are dealing with really only affects what precautions will be necessary during the abatement process. A professional mold abatement team will already have all the necessary precautions in place even without testing the mold.

Affordable Mold Cleaning Service in Massachusetts

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