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The Best Way To Get Rid Of Pet Odor/Stains From Your Floors

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We all love our pets, but we definitely do not like the messes that they make. Our pets can track in mud, dirt, and other debris from outside and that is not even mentioning the accidents they can have. Depending on what your floors are made of your pet’s accidents can cause unsightly stains and pungent odors that are hard to get rid of.

Cleaning Accidents As They Happen

If your indoor pet makes a mess, timing is absolutely key. Whether the accident is on tile, hardwood, or carpet cleaning up the mess quickly can stop from staining and from the odor soaking into the wood, grout, or carpet. When it comes to cleaning up the mess, there are a few DIY solutions that all pet owners should know about. After cleaning up the mess with a paper towel, mix a solution of soap and water and scrub the affected area to sanitize. After this mix a solution of warm water and white vinegar and use this to remove the odor. Apart from this DIY method, many stores offer different pet based cleaning solutions that it is helpful to keep on hand.

What To Avoid

There are a few things to avoid when cleaning up after pets to avoid staining and long-lasting odors. If you choose to buy a cleaning product from a store check reviews to make sure the product you are choosing is rated for your floor type. Some products can strip sealant from your hardwood or tile floors and damage them. Other products are specifically designed for carpet cleaning. Another problem to try to avoid is not cleaning the mess up quickly. If you simply mop up the mess without cleaning the area with deodorizing solution and soap right away the mess will still soak into your floor.

When Is It Time To Get Help

Although DIY solutions and storebought solutions can do a lot of good, there still may come a time when you will want to consider hiring professional cleaners to clean your floors. Professional cleaners can use pretreatments, hand-spotting, and other techniques to remove stains and odors that continue to persist in your home. All pet owners should consider having their floor professionally cleaned periodically, especially if pet odor continues to be a problem.

At ECS Carpet Cleaners we can remove pet odor and stains from your carpets with our hot water extraction method. If there is a pet odor you want to be removed from your home, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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