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August 22, 2018
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The Dangers of Mold


Living in New England has many of it’s pros including the unique seasons, beautiful scenery, and astonishing cities but residents will also be aware of extreme humidity that accompanies them practically year round. With this incredible amount of humidity constantly present, homes in the region are extremely susceptible to becoming both damp and moldy which can lead to a variety of health effects for those exposed.

There are several ways in which this humidity can find its way into a building and quickly turn into mold such as leaking through a wall or roof, condensing on windows or in a bathroom, on or in HVAC equipment, and much more. To avoid the growth of mold it is essential to stop these sources of humidity from developing into larger issues by removing standing water, preventing leaks, immediately drying damp areas and venting areas that are likely to develop condensation.

The most common symptoms of mold exposure are nasal stuffiness and coughing or wheezing, as well as eye, throat, and skin irritation. Although, more severe reactions are typically in store for those with preexisting conditions such as an allergy to mold or compromised immune system as it is not uncommon for individuals such as these to develop seriously dangerous infections in their lungs when exposed to mold. For those that fall within this category it is extra important to avoid areas that are prone to mold. Even people who would be otherwise considered completely healthy find themselves subject to upper respiratory tract symptoms such as coughing and wheezing when they are exposed to mold and in extreme cases can develop asthma. While those who suffer from asthma find that their symptoms can be worse than ever. This is especially true for those with an allergy to mold as they may experience more severe reactions such as hives and swelling.

If you are suspecting that mold is present within your home, it is always best to have a professional assess the building for any potential dangers. Reputable inspectors such as those at ECS Carpet Cleaners can help remove or minimize the mold in order to save the material it is growing on as well as reduce the risk for health problems developing in those within the building.

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