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Tips and Tricks for Effective Stain Removal

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Day-to-day life happens, which comes with accidents, spilled beverages, crumbs, shoes on the carpet, and much more. While the carpet in your home gives you a cozy and comfortable space that adds warmth and hominess, it also gives you tough stains, spills, and messes—making your home much more susceptible to stains. With all of the wear and tear, it is essential to keep your carpet clean, as when you let the stain settle, you are running the risk of bad odor and poor appearance. While cleaning your large carpet stains might sound like a daunting task, with the right technique, cleaning solutions, and top tips from ECS, we are sure your stubborn spots will lift out easily, leaving you with a stunning-looking carpet.

Top Carpet Cleaning Hacks:


Remove Excess Spillage

When you notice an item fall, whether it’s paint, food, drink, etc., the first thing you should do is immediately scrape off an excess found in your carpet. However, do not rub. Rubbing is not good for your carpet and can negatively affect it! You can scrape with your hand or a butter knife to fully remove the excess. This action should prevent the stain from solidifying in your carpet.


Apply A Stain Remover To The Entire Area

Once you have removed your access materials from your carpet, spray the area with a stain remover. You can find a stain remover at any local grocery store, convenience store, or any place that sells household items. For best results, please follow the directions that are located on the packaging of the bottle; this will ensure maximum protection and results.


Blot Away The Excess

Once you have followed the directions on your carpet cleaner, use a clean, white cloth that is very absorbent and heavy-duty to blot the stain. This action is used to dry the area and fully pick up any stain remnants. If the stain isn’t lifting as easily, blot it with cold water and then repeat.


When Should I Hire a Carpet Cleaner?

If your carpet has a tough-to-get-out stain, debris, or dirt buried within it, it is time to hire a professional carpet cleaner. If you are in the Massachusetts area, there is no better team than ECS Carpet Cleaners. Here at ECS Carpet Cleaners, we specialize in steam cleaning carpets, as we use top-of-the-line steam cleaning technology to provide you with the best possible results in the most efficient way possible. Our environmentally friendly green carpet cleaning will make your carpet look and smell brand new again.


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