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Tips for Carpet Cleaning in the Winter

Professional Carpet Cleaning in Woburn Massachusettes

With the cold winter weather comes the beautiful holiday season. However this time of year can bring about messy carpets, as friends and family trek in debris, snow, and dirt from the outside, leaving your carpet looking drab. No one wants to invite guests over for a holiday party with a dirty carpet, here are our tips to keeping your carpet clean this winter:

Take Off Your Shoes Before Entering

An easy and effective way to keep your carpet crisp and clean is by removing your shoes before you enter your home. By keeping your shoes or boots on while in your home you are risking the chance of bringing in dirt and other grime that risk dirtying your carpets. Try removing your shoes in a mud room, garage or by the door. The easiest way to keep your carpets clean is to keep the contamination away from your carpet!

 Have A Carpet Cleaning Kit 

We understand that accidents happen and when that inevitable stain occurs you will want to have a set of cleaning tools ready and on deck to immediately take care of the stain. Carpet cleaning chemicals and cleaning solutions can be found at retail and grocery stores for quick and easy convenience. You can also make your own carpet cleaning solution at home, but be sure to test it on a spot first before you cover the entire area.

 Deal With Stains Quickly!

No matter how hard you try and how careful you are it is almost inevitable that a stain will come up. However, don’t fret a key component to keeping your carpet clean and fresh is to deal with stains immediately. The longer the stain remains untouched or uncared for, the harder it will be to get rid of, and will ultimately become permanent.

When Should I Hire a Professional Carpet Cleaner?

If you begin to notice your carpet having a poor smell, a tricky stain that you can’t get out, or you notice debris and dirt buried within your carpet, it is time to hire a professional carpet cleaner. But look no further! Here at ECS Carpet Cleaners, our expert team of carpet cleaning professionals specialize in steam cleaning carpets. We use top-of-the-line steam cleaning technology to provide your carpet with the best possible results. Our environmentally friendly green carpet cleaning will be sure to make your carpet look and smell beautiful along with improving your home’s air quality. 

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