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Interior Cleaning & Sanitation During COVID-19
March 28, 2020
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June 24, 2020

What Cleaning Products Work Against COVID-19

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The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly affected Massachusetts residents. A large majority of us are spending as much time at home as we can because of the rules and legislation recently passed. Whether you are a business owner or a homeowner, you want to do everything in your power to keep yourself and those around you healthy. That is why it is important to know what cleaning products are actually effective against COVID-19.

Some Basic Information

When it comes to getting any information about COVID-19, preventing it’s spread, or the symptoms of the disease, you should always refer to government agencies like the CDC or the World Health Organization. Please refer to the CDC’s website for more information on choosing the right cleaning supplies for your home or office. The CDC has told us that the novel coronavirus spreads mainly through contact. This includes contact with surfaces. That is why within their guidelines they have recommended the regular cleaning and disinfection of all commonly touched surfaces. This includes cleaning doorknobs, elevator buttons, railings, and any other surface that is going to be touched often by human hands. Additionally, men and women should consistently wash their hands whenever they go to a public space where they may come in contact with the virus.

The Difference Between Disinfection & Cleaning

The CDC has different definitions for disinfection and cleaning. Both methods can be effective in reducing the potential of illness but they are different. Cleaning is the process of moving or removing bacteria and viruses from a surface. Disinfection is the use of chemical components that are specially designed to destroy/kill either the bacteria or the virus. When we talk about the regular disinfection of a surface, we need to make sure we are using products that are designed and proven to destroy COVID-19. Not all commercial or household cleaners are equal, and there has been an influx in companies claiming to sell products that can keep people safe even though their products have received no approval from the EPA or any similar organization.

Which Cleaning Products Should You Use

When cleaning surfaces within your own home, make sure to clean the area first and then disinfect it with an EPA approved cleaning product. The EPA and the CDC are regularly updating their lists as more products pass their testing for destroying COVID-19. Here is a list of approved cleaners for disinfection. You can still use your household cleaners for general cleaning, it is still valuable to clean surfaces regularly with a storebought cleaner even if it is not EPA approved. If a home has no active cases of COVID-19 it is safe to clean and then disinfect, using a regular cleaner to remove dirt, debris, and other contaminants and using disinfectant as needed. However, public buildings like offices should only trust EPA approved products for daily cleaning.

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