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January 21, 2021
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When Should I Call A Local Handyman Service?

ECS Carpet Cleaners provides many services beyond simply cleaning carpets and furniture. As a local, employee-owned business we travel throughout Greater Boston and Southern New Hampshire to provide local handyman services. The term handyman acts as a general catch-all for a variety of services. ECS Carpet Cleaners, for example, provides carpentry, electrical, plumbing, painting, and smoke detector services for apartments and homes in the area.

What Electrical Work Do Handyman Services Cover?

There are a variety of small electrical projects that might be a little too complicated, or require specific tools. Before you call an expensive electrical service, consider working with a local handyman that has the tools you need. From installing lights to fixing outlets, general repair contractors can help with many small electrical projects. Larger projects like rewiring a home or designing/installing a new electrical system are best left to electricians that specialize in that field, but if you are looking to fix some lights or hang a TV, your local handyman can help.

What Carpentry Work Do Handyman Services Cover?

Many general contractors in your area provide light carpentry. This includes installing new drywall, and providing various repairs. The team at ECS Carpet Cleaners provides water damage clean-up services which include carpentry repairs. Often when water pools, ruined sections of your floor and your lower walls need to be removed, replaced, and repainted. Our team handles all of that as well as helping straighten doors and handle other small fixes around your property.

What Plumbing Work Do Handyman Services Cover?

Handyman services often cover plumbing issues as well. If you have a clog that just isn’t getting fixed, your handyman can help. Larger projects like pumping out a septic tank may require working with a plumbing service directly, but fixing a faucet, troubleshooting clogs, or adjusting the water pressure are all within the scope of general contractors. If over the counter solutions are not working with the drain clog, give us a call.

Other Handyman Services

A handyman is a jack of all trades that provides a flexible approach to all types of small projects. If you are renting an apartment and you notice damage to your wall that you are worried will ruin your chances at getting a security deposit back, your local handyman is an affordable solution. Handyman services don’t break the bank but can also come in clutch when you need something done right.

Give ECS Carpet Cleaners A Call

If you are interested in learning more about handyman services, give us a call. Our team would be happy to discuss how we can help you. The best way to find out what projects are in a general contractor’s scope is by asking them directly.

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