How Often Should I Have My Carpet Cleaned Professionally
March 16, 2022
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How Does Steam Cleaning Carpets Work?
May 5, 2022

Why Professional Steam Cleaning Should Be Part Of Your Spring Cleaning Schedule

It is finally Spring, which means it is time for spring cleaning. That means you likely have dozens of chores that you can be working on around your home. From storing your winter clothes to dusting and vacuuming. But one thing that should not be overlooked is professional carpet cleaning. There are a variety of great reasons to get your carpets professionally cleaned. If you live in the Greater Boston area and are looking for one spring cleaning project you can have done for you, please give ECS Carpet Cleaners are call, we would be happy to help with professional cleaning.

The Benefits of Steam Carpet Cleaning

There are many benefits to carpet cleaning. Aside from making your carpets look cleaner, professional steam cleaning can really get at dirt and debris that is packed deep inside your carpets. When your carpet is steam cleaned, bacteria and microbes are destroyed by the heat, odor-causing compounds are destroyed, and allergens are removed from the home. After a winter of staying inside, nothing can help give you a breath of fresh air quite like a professional steam cleaning for your carpets. Plus, if there are any stains on your carpets, a professional cleaning can help as well. This is the perfect way to remove the stains before any summer BBQs you are planning.

How Often Should You Have Your Carpets Steam Cleaned

Businesses and hotels will often have their carpets cleaned weekly or monthly. But for homeowners, you probably should only get your carpets cleaned every month or quarterly. That is why spring is the perfect time to get your carpets professionally steam cleaned. Springtime is a great time to have your carpets cleaned if you don’t have them cleaned often. If it has been a while since you have had your carpets cleaned an early spring cleaning is perfect because your carpets will be ready for any spring and summer parties you are planning.

Get Professional Carpet Cleaning In Greater Boston

If you live in the Greater Boston area and need professional carpet cleaning we would be happy to help. We work with apartment buildings, condos, and more, to provide great carpet cleaning services.

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